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Aurora Borealis Wild Berry Jelly Gift Pack -

Aurora Borealis Wild Berry Jelly Gift Pack
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Named for the brilliant natural light show we see each winter, here is a sampler of eight of our hand-made, unique flavors of Alaskan Wild Berry Jellies.

  • Lingenberry jelly (5.25 oz.)
  • High Bush Cranberry Jelly (5.25 oz.)
  • Blackberry Jelly*(5.25 oz.)
  • Wild Fireweed Jelly (5.25 oz.)
  • Wild Raspberry Jelly (5.25 oz.)
  • Wild Blueberry Jelly (5.25 oz.)
  • Wild Red Currant Jelly (5.25 oz.)
  • Wild Strawberry Rhubarb Jelly (5.25 oz.)

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Made in Alaska

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