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Alaska Jamboree Wild Berry Jams Gift Pack -

Alaska Jamboree Wild Berry Jams Gift Pack
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Quantity: Price: $29.95

Six jars of our irresistible wild berry jams made right here in the Alaska Wild Berry Kitchens.

  • Wild Blueberry Jam (5.25 oz.)
  • Wild Lingonberry Jam (5.25 oz.)
  • Strawberry Jam (5.25 oz.)
  • Spiced Wild Berry Jam (5.25 oz.)
  • Cranberry Apple Butter (5.25 oz.)
  • Wild Raspberry Jam (5.25 oz.)
  • 6-piece Blueberry and Raspberry Jelly Center Chocolates (4 oz.)
    (Please note we will substitute Wild Berry Fruitlets covered in powdered sugar instead of chocolate during summer months to avoid the chocolate melting in transit.)

Want to learn more about the authentic wild berries we use?

Made in Alaska

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