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Wild Berry Jelly Center Chocolates -

Wild Berry Jelly Center Chocolates
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Each Wild Berry Jelly Center is hand-coated in milk or dark chocolate then hand decorated in our own Alaskan candy kitchens. These sweet and tart jellies will remind you of childhood berry-picking hikes in the Alaskan woods on long summer days. For more information read about the berries we use.

15 oz Jelly Center Chocolates - 25 pieces. A typical assortment includes:

  • Wild Salmonberry
  • Wild Fireweed
  • Wild Mossberries
  • Wild Lingonberries
  • Wild Rose Hips
  • Wild Blackberry
  • Rhubarb
  • Raspberry
  • Wild High Bush Cranberries
  • Wild Blueberries

Don't expect our berry jelly centers to taste like anything you've had before. When you buy jellies in the supermarket they've been commercially processed from truckloads of berries that couldn't be sold in any produce department. Our Alaskan berries are hand-picked and delivered directly to our kitchens where you can watch them being sorted, cooked, and turned into chocolates.

Want to see us in action? Come to our store in Anchorage and watch us make magic in front of your eyes. Or watch our Candy Kitchen Slideshow.

Important notice about shipping in hot weather: Because chocolate can be damaged by hot weather, we can only ship it via Overnight Delivery with icepacks to any location outside of Alaska from April 20th through October 15th. We're sorry that this increases the shipping costs but we really want your products to arrive at their best.

Made in Alaska

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